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My primary subjects deal with Jewish history and Jewish heritage, the Diaspora and the establishing of the Jewish State. The Hebrew alphabet is prominent in my work and appears in various forms; as a free standing sculpture or carved on wood. Besides Jewish themes I also find interest in subjects such as the parts of the human body, animals, birds and abstracts  as well.

My preferred material is wood. To me it expresses friendliness and warmth. Some types of wood have interesting grain structure which contribute and participate in the shaping of the sculpture. In some works glass, steel and stone are incorporated.

A verbal description and background, in English and occasionally in Hebrew, is added to certain themes of my works  when it is essential to clarify their meaning.

Most of my work are made of wood and are one of a kind. However some of them can be cast in bronze or other metal. They can be purchased by contacting on the link presented here. You can also order a work or project that will meet your intended theme.

I have exhibited my work in single and group art shows in Israel and abroad.






My background and ample experience as a practicing architect and artist enables me  to advise and guide you in the selection of artworks that will enhance your living space, based on your artistic and creative aspirations, catering to your needs and style and guide you from selection, purchasing, shipment and installation.

Please feel free to contact, consult with me or just express your thoughs.



Hebrew Alphabet


From Jewish Sources

Human Figure

Human Hand

Animals and Birds

Temple Beth El


Utilitarian sculpture

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