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From Jewish Sources

This large scale work draws its name from the Book of Genesis. 
The theme of the work is derived from the book "The Metaphysics of the Hebrew Alphabet” by Elias Lipiner, Magnes press. It is compounded of several layers.
On the first layer are the 27 letters (22 regular letters + 5 end letters) of the Hebrew alphabet set atop the second layer which portrays the drama of The Creation manifested by carved stormy clouds and swirling winds. In the third layer there are the led- lights representing streaming rays, thunder and lightning accompanying this drama. 
The entire work is constructed of 36 (Lamed Vav) pink oak wood squares glued together to form one piece.
Dimensions: L-215 cm. (85") H-105 cm. (42") Th-12 cm. (5")

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